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Independent street/skatewear brand designed and created in North Hertfordshire, UK. MMXIII.

WSTRA initially started as a way to promote the local area and our local movements. We strive to produce high quality affordable garments. We love skateboarding, music, counter-culture, pizza, dogs, ink, booze, exploring and everyone of you scumbags out there x


ATLAS - Band

Temple Gardens - Band

Nimmo and the Gauntlets - Band

Moons Of Neptune - Band

Dotz - Rapper

Filthy Funk - Rap Collective

Serious Blendz - DJ Collective

Loop Faction - DJ/Producer 

Yake Williams - Artist

Rebel Yuth - Artist

Sue Skates - Skate Company 

Jolly Brown - Vintage Shop 

Mike Harris - Tattoo Artist 

Will 'Baggage' Peters - Skater

Jamie Storer - BMX'er

Chris Hall - Skater





Insta: @wisteriaclothing